Musical Critique

Musical Critique Worksheet

Any activity that gets students out of their seats and writing about Art is a good thing. The Musical Critique is a take on the more formal 4 steps of Art Criticism mixed with musical chairs. As a refresher the 4 Steps of Art Criticism are as follows: Description: What do you See? Literal description of… Read more »

Artist Toolkit: Visual Elements & Principles

artist toolkit

Online resources don’t always stand the test of time or hold up with today’s technological advances but the Artist Toolkit has been part of my lessons since my student teaching days. The Toolkit is a collection of short, funny, and memorable animations illustrating the Elements and Principles of Design. Any of you who teach beginning art course… Read more »

Fauvism & Landscapes

Step 3: Complete

Fauvism and Henri Matisse are the inspiration for this project, here are some helpful links so you can build a presentation about them for students: -MetMuseum on Fauvism: -The Art Story on Fauvism: -Biography of Henri Matisse from his estate: This project involves three major steps: -Drawing a simple landscape from a source or create your… Read more »

Sculpting Basics from

Sculpting an Ear

“We’re trying something new this week: learning a craft from a professional! Effects artist Frank Ippolito spends the day with us to teach us some basic sculpting lessons. The first lesson sounds simple, but makes us look at common shapes in a new light.” -Tested This is a full hour lesson by the guys from… Read more »