Grading: The Four C’s

A relatively simple and straightforward grading system developed by the Art Department at my old school. This was easy for students to understand and strive for. I made posters for the room and created a detailed rubric to go with each lesson, modifying the specifics for each project. The Concentration portion really helps with those students who turn in ok work but waste time and are a pain in the class… if you know what I mean.

Criteria: Did you follow all of the directions? project criteria? Complete a Critique of your artwork? (In the longer rubric I would list the specific project criteria under this heading.)

Creativity: Is your artwork unique, imaginative, or well thought out? Do you have a Good Composition? Included no commercial characters, icons, or symbols?

Craftsmanship: Is your artwork clean, neat, and presentable? Did you use all of the project materials correctly? (Rubric would list specifics pertaining to the type of media used.)

Concentration: Did you spend class time wisely? Does your artwork look like you put time into it? Did you have a good attitude?



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