Guillermo del Toro’s Sketchbooks

Del Toro is an award winning Mexican director and film maker who is an artist at heart; communicating his ideas for films through elaborate sketches in notebooks. He is best known for horror and comic book style films like Blade 2, Hellboy 2, Pan’s Labyrinth, and Pacific Rim. More recently he helped produce the animated film The Book of Life. Guillermo del Toro is great artist to bring up during lessons about creating sketchbooks, why sketching is important, or during a careers unit.

del toro pacific rim

Del Toro working with Charlie Hunnam on the set of Pacific Rim.

There are many interviews with Guillermo Del Toro online but this one from blogging site Kinja goes into his artistic background and how his mind works:

“‘I communicate through words and doodles,’ del Toro says. ‘Everybody who has ever had a working session with me, knows that I need to have a paper and pen next to me, to communicate the idea. It’s just absolutely impossible for me to communicate’ with creative people, without having words and images to draw on.” –Anders, Kinja 2013

This is a video from The New Yorker about Del Toro’s now famous sketchbooks:

Late last year, Del Toro released a book filled with his sketches and behind the scenes information from his movies. It would be a fun addition to any art classroom! You can preview some of the pages and purchase a hard copy on Amazon for around $40. Here is a promo for the book explaining why he wanted to create it:

More images from his various notebooks:

Finally a fun video to show during the Halloween & Dia de Los Muertos months, an interview with Del Toro about how he comes up with his monsters for films from a series called Masters of Horror. Warning: this video could scare younger students, probably better for an advanced high school classroom.



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