Papercraft Skulls

This is a fun, short project to do with students this time of year from the website Skull-A-Day. I used to create these paper craft skulls with my 3D Art students but you can do this in any art room. These can be cut out with scissors, no exact-o needed, but they are a bit tricky to put together. I would practice a day or morning ahead of time so you can trouble shoot with students. As with any paper folding project accurate cutting, crisp folds, and clean gluing make a difference (glue stick recommended). Have students decorate them BEFORE they build them, they are next to impossible to decorate them after. Students can either design them however they want or they can fit into a Day of Dead lesson. Enjoy! Link to original posting at Skull-A-Day.

Download a blank skull worksheet here: papercraftskull.pdf

Completed blank skull & examples of modified skulls:

If you want something a little different, this is called the Jumping Jack Skull and is a puppet. Just print this photo to create the worksheet! Link to original posting at Skull-A-Day.

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