Artist Toolkit: Visual Elements & Principles

Online resources don’t always stand the test of time or hold up with today’s technological advances but the Artist Toolkit has been part of my lessons since my student teaching days. The Toolkit is a collection of short, funny, and memorable animations illustrating the Elements and Principles of Design. Any of you who teach beginning art course like Drawing/Painting know how important it is for students to understand and master these topics. Sometimes it can be challenging to get across exactly how artists use these techniques in their works, these animations all pull from real artworks and show simplified animations to demonstrate the Elements and Principles.

My high school students always loved these animations, they were just silly enough for them to pay attention to, the music and animation made the concepts stick. Hope you can use them in your classrooms!

The Artist Toolkit was created by ArtsConnectEd a branch of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and the Walker Art Center.

Visit the Artist Toolkit here:

Simple animations pull out the techniques used to create depth in this real life painting example:

Artist Toolkit: Depth Artist Toolkit: Depth Final


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