Mrs. Lucas

Mrs. Lucas and Coach Kautz at her retirement party thrown by students.

The name Art Room 404 is a tribute to Mrs. Lucas, an inspirational Art Teacher who mentored and inspired generations of teachers from all subjects. She was my high school 3D Art teacher and inspired me to enter the teaching field. Mrs. Lucas fostered a style of teaching that was practical, relevant, engaging, and always fun. Her classroom was the meeting spot for teacher breaks, lunch and after school projects. After she retired, I was lucky enough to spend my first three years teaching in her old room full of relics from the 70’s and my old high school days. I tried my best to keep the feeling of the room as she had it: a friendly, warm environment that inspired students to be creative and of course laugh!

The purpose of this site is to provide a free online resource for current and future fine art teachers. A place where they can go to find new lesson ideas, classroom management tips, ideas for stretching supplies in a low budget situation and a place to share with other teachers constantly working on improving their curriculum.

Thank you for your visit and I hope you enjoy the site!

-Ms. Garcia