Cartoon Styles & Cartoon Kevin


Cartoon Kevin is a website from Actor and Illustrator Kevin McShane. As a tribute to 100 of the great animators throughout history. Including modern favorites like Bob’s Burgers creator Jay Howell and classics like Astro Boy’s creator Osamu Tezuka. To begin pick a couple artists to use as examples, for me I chose Scooby Do’s creators Hanna-Barbera…. Read more »

Papercraft Skulls

papercraft skull

This is a fun, short project to do with students this time of year from the website Skull-A-Day. I used to create these paper craft skulls with my 3D Art students but you can do this in any art room. These can be cut out with scissors, no exact-o needed, but they are a bit… Read more »

Art Piracy & Copyright

Hope Poster

Copyright Law You may begin this lesson a number of ways but I like to start with the radio story from American Public Media’s Marketplace about veteran concept artist Jeff Koons. In less than 3 mins the students can get an overview of the issues regarding artists, copyright laws, and how we perceive these issues/laws has evolved over the… Read more »

Creative Thinking & Generating Ideas

NOVA Generating Ideas

Generating Ideas is a full lesson plan with a video from NOVA and PBS about generating ideas for innovative and creative projects. This lesson could work in a number of different types of classrooms. For the Art room, the methods used in the lesson could be focused towards a specific art related topic. For example, in an Art History… Read more »

Hand Lettering


You may want to go over what Typography is and the terminology that goes with it, especially if you are using this lesson in a traditional drawing course and not a new media class. A great resource to learn about Typography, the different parts of a letter, and a ton of links to more resources… Read more »