A Checklist for Back to School Night


Came across this article written by Heather Wolpert-Gawron on the Edutopia website discussing the “5 Must-Haves” for back to school night. This article was written by a Middle School English teacher but the main points are universal to all classrooms and teachers. Here is the breakdown: #1 Sign-ins on every table: This is to alleviate… Read more »

Grading: The Four C’s


A relatively simple and straightforward grading system developed by the Art Department at my old school. This was easy for students to understand and strive for. I made posters for the room and created a detailed rubric to go with each lesson, modifying the specifics for each project. The Concentration portion really helps with those students who… Read more »

Educator’s Survival Guide

Survival Guide

This guide from the NEA website is a good overview of some tested Classroom Management techniques. These are general and do not pertain directly to the art room but can defiantly help dig you out of a hole if and when you find yourself in those less than desirable situations! Fear not. Our survival guide outlines… Read more »