Four Artists Paint One Tree

4 Artists Paint 1 Tree

This Disney Documentary from 1958 shows four artists with individual styles and ideas about art, work together on the animated film Sleeping Beauty. They learn to mold their skills and stick to the unified style of the movie, putting their individual ideas aside. To show how different they are in reality, Disney takes four of the animators out to… Read more »

Cartoon Styles & Cartoon Kevin


Cartoon Kevin is a website from Actor and Illustrator Kevin McShane. As a tribute to 100 of the great animators throughout history. Including modern favorites like Bob’s Burgers creator Jay Howell and classics like Astro Boy’s creator Osamu Tezuka. To begin pick a couple artists to use as examples, for me I chose Scooby Do’s creators Hanna-Barbera…. Read more »

Papercraft Skulls

papercraft skull

This is a fun, short project to do with students this time of year from the website Skull-A-Day. I used to create these paper craft skulls with my 3D Art students but you can do this in any art room. These can be cut out with scissors, no exact-o needed, but they are a bit… Read more »

Guillermo del Toro’s Sketchbooks

pan's labyrinth

Del Toro is an award winning Mexican director and film maker who is an artist at heart; communicating his ideas for films through elaborate sketches in notebooks. He is best known for horror and comic book style films like Blade 2, Hellboy 2, Pan’s Labyrinth, and Pacific Rim. More recently he helped produce the animated film The… Read more »

Unlock Art

tate unlock art

Unlock Art is a series of videos from the Tate museum in London; they cover a wide range of topics like Surrealism, Women Artists, Nudes, and the Art Market. These videos would be better for a more mature high school or Art History class due to the mature content of some of the artworks featured in… Read more »