A Checklist for Back to School Night


Came across this article written by Heather Wolpert-Gawron on the Edutopia website discussing the “5 Must-Haves” for back to school night. This article was written by a Middle School English teacher but the main points are universal to all classrooms and teachers. Here is the breakdown: #1 Sign-ins on every table: This is to alleviate… Read more »

Inge Druckrey: Teaching to See

Teaching to See

This is a beautifully made documentary features Art Educator and Graphic Designer Inge Druckrey as she explains her methods on getting students to really see the objects they intend to draw. Every art educator should watch this video and it would be great to share with advanced art, AP Studio, and/or Art History students. It is… Read more »

Nathan Sawaya LEGO Brick Artist

Art of Brick

Nathan Sawaya’s unique style of artwork has been a part of my 3D class for as long as I can remember. Finally my favorite nerd site, Tested.com created by Adam & Jamie of Mythbusters fame, posted an interview with him at his new exhibition. You can see more of the exhibition and read more about Nathan Sawaya here: http://brickartist.com/

Grading: The Four C’s


A relatively simple and straightforward grading system developed by the Art Department at my old school. This was easy for students to understand and strive for. I made posters for the room and created a detailed rubric to go with each lesson, modifying the specifics for each project. The Concentration portion really helps with those students who… Read more »

Practical Special FX

Tested Talks to Fon Davis

A great introduction to artist Fon Davis, the history of Practical Special FX and how these artists are learning to work with Computer Generated Special Effects. Another great share for Careers in the Arts Unit, a 3D or Ceramics class. We sit down for a chat with Fon Davis, a visual effects veteran who has worked on films… Read more »